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The Domiciliary at the Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky offers an array of recreational services to each resident including biking, camping, fishing, gardening, bowling, putt-putt golfing, and transportation to various events.

The home boasts an activities department that coordinates, plans and implements recreation to meet the needs and preferences of each resident. Socials, tournaments, outings, entertainment and classes are scheduled throughout the day, every day. Residents who are interested in pursuing more independent leisure activities may do so in our recreation center, hobby house, lounge, weight room, library, auto garage, woodworking shop or in the unit dayrooms.

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OVH Sandusky Dom event calendar

Residents who would like to pursue or deepen their spirituality are encouraged to participate in spiritual services at the OVH. We currently have a Catholic priest and non-denominational chaplain who are available for individual pastoral counseling and visitation, or for group meetings and Bible studies. Multiple masses and church services are held throughout the week followed by fellowship and refreshments. The home will also host spiritual services from other denominations upon resident request, depending on the availability of visiting clergy. The OVH chaplains also officiate at weddings, funerals, graveside services and memorial services throughout the year.

Both male and female residents at the Domiciliary can work with social services to obtain any assistance they might need in getting adjusted to life at the Domiciliary. Social workers will assess each resident and develop a care plan with him or her to help meet any of their needs. In addition, social services are available on an ongoing basis as a resource for confidential counseling and problem-solving when needs arise. Residents who experience relationship problems, difficulties with others, or emotional issues are fortunate to have social workers on staff who will meet with them one-on-one or in a group setting. Our social workers lead groups and classes to help residents manage their anger, develop healthy attitudes, cope with loss and trauma, establish sobriety, support recovery, and make responsible choices. Social workers will also provide resources, referrals or help in discharge planning.