Ohio Women Veterans
Advisory Committee


The Ohio Women Veterans Advisory Committee serves at the pleasure of the ODVS Director to identify and assess the needs of Ohio’s women veterans and assists ODVS in providing information to women veterans about benefits, entitlements, education, employment and training. The committee recommends and plans events to advance professional development, camaraderie and the positive image of women veterans.


Members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the ODVS Director. Terms are two years. The Advisory Committee functions under a three-tier structure:

  • Board members,
  • Emeritus members,
  • Committee members,
Board Members

This 11-member voting Board consists of six at-large and five district representatives. Board Members provide input to the ODVS Director and chair a biennial conference committee. Board Members must be honorably discharged women veterans.

Emeritus Members

These members are appointed by the ODVS Director in recognition of their long-term service of distinction to the Advisory Committee. Emeritus Members provide input to the ODVS Director and the Board Members, serve on the biennial conference advisory board and mentor new Committee Members. Emeritus Members must have served the Advisory Committee with distinction in a long-term capacity.

Committee Members

Non-voting Committee Members provide input to Board Members, serve on a biennial conference committee and are critical to succession planning. Committee Members can be women veterans or women who serve women veterans in a professional or volunteer capacity.

Roles and Expectations,
Rules and Guidelines

Advisory Committee members function as advocates and ambassadors for Ohio’s 67,000 women veterans. They also leverage connections and resources to advance the committee’s mission, provide advice and recommendations to the ODVS Director and plan the biennial Ohio Women Veterans Conference in collaboration with the ODVS Women Veterans Coordinator.

Advisory Committee Members Roster

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

District Map

ODVS Ohio Women Veterans Coordinator

To learn more about
ODVS efforts and the
Ohio Women Veterans Advisory Committee,
contact Sandra Puskarcik, 614-752-8941 or WomenVets@dvs.ohio.gov.

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