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ODVS Releases Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Video Featurettes

Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame

Beginning December 9, the video series will bring more insight into the lives and passions of each living Class of 2021 Hall of Fame Inductee

The Ohio Department of Veterans Services (ODVS) is proud to unveil 15 separate videos beginning on December 9 and running through the end of January 2021.

The videos will feature personal anecdotes, quotes and photos of the 15 living members of the 2021 class, who were inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame last month. ODVS conducted a sitdown interview with each of those class members following three regional ceremonies held in October. (See below for the schedule of releases for the entire series.)

In addition, ODVS will produce a video scheduled to debut on January 8, 2022, that will feature class member and historic figure Charles Young, who at the time of his death in 1922 was the highest-ranking African American officer in the U.S. Army.

These videos will be viewable on the ODVS YouTube channel as well as the department's official Facebook and Twitter pages.

A list of class members is viewable on our website, OhioVets.gov. To read the official bios of the 2021 class, make sure to check out our Hall of Fame Honorees page and use the available search tool.

In an attempt at fairness, ODVS will unveil the Hall of Fame video featurettes in reverse alphabetical order (since highlights of their individual recognitions were displayed in alphabetical order in a compilation induction video that was released on Nov. 11). First up will be the video showcasing Army veteran Paul zumFelde.

To learn more about the class and see highlights of the individual ceremonies, be sure to view our Hall of Fame Class of 2021 Induction Ceremony video. Included in this video is a special In Memoriam segment that looks at the accomplishments of the class' five posthumous inductees.

If you know a deserving veteran who has contributed greatly to your community after their time in service, please nominate them for the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame. Nominations for the Class of 2022 are being accepted until June 1, 2022.


Release dates for videos of 2021 Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Inductees follow: 

Paul R. zumFelde, Army, Fulton County  (Dec. 9)
Jo N. Wildman, Navy/Coast Guard, Greene County  (Dec. 14)
Gregory A. White, Marine Corps, Lorain County  (Dec. 16)
George F. White, MD, Navy, Scioto County  (Dec. 21)
Nickolas G. Sunday, Navy, Franklin County  (Dec. 23)
Dennis F. Quebe, Marine Corps, Warren County  (Dec. 28)
Roger R. Neff, Marine Corps, Hancock County  (Dec. 30)
Linda Strite Murnane, Air Force, Greene County  (Jan. 4)
Gary A. Loxley, Army/USAR/OHARNG, Warren County  (Jan. 6)
Thomas M. Humphries, Air Force, Trumbull County  (Jan. 11)
Michael Ferriter, Army, Franklin County  (Jan. 13)
Wanda J. Dillard, Army, Franklin County  (Jan. 18)
William J. (Bill) Clark, Navy, Lorain County  (Jan. 20)
John Joseph Callarik, Army, Belmont County  (Jan. 25)
Ted Barrows, Army, Franklin County  (Jan. 27)


Remember, bios for all 20 class members, additional information on the Hall of Fame and past inductees – able to be sorted by class, by county, and alphabetically – can be found at OhioVets.gov.

More information is available at OhioVets.gov or you can contact our department at HallOfFame@dvs.ohio.gov.