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Historic Hall of Fame Honoree Images

The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame was created by former Governor George V. Voinovich in 1992 to demonstrate his concern for Ohio veterans returning home due to military downsizing as a result of the end of the Cold War. Former Ohio Bureau of Employment Services' Administrator, James Conrad, proposed the Hall of Fame to recognize the post-military achievements of outstanding veterans and realized how such a program would spotlight all veterans' contributions to the civilian workplace. In 1992, a special panel of representatives from the state's veterans organizations was brought together in order to discuss the idea of establishing the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame. The panel of representatives endorsed the idea for the purpose of increasing awareness of the lifetime contributions of veterans after their completion of honorable military service.

Charter members of the Hall of Fame included the six Ohio military veterans who were elected president of the United States and all Medal of Honor recipients from Ohio. A committee of veterans serves as advisors for the Hall of Fame and selects up to 20 inductees annually from nominations solicited from all citizens of Ohio throughout the year. Men and women chosen for this honor come from all eras, all branches of service and all walks of life.

The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame is not a military hall of fame. Those individuals who are selected for the honor of induction are veterans who have honorably served their country through military service and then have continued to serve and inspire their fellow man with their deeds and accomplishments throughout their lifetime.