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Application Instructions

Veterans Bonus Program - Online Application

Instructions for completing the online application

To determine eligibility for the Ohio Veterans Bonus we encourage you to use the Eligibility Tool before beginning the Online Application.

This process will require 30-45 minutes of time to enter your information. Your application will be saved when you are assigned a claim number on the last page of the online application tool. All data entered will be lost if you fail to complete the entire application.

When completing the application, use the "tab” key or “mouse” to navigate.

What You Will Need

Please be prepared to send the following documents with your application. These documents will assist as you answer questions on the online application tool:

  1. Active Duty Service Members – military records including active service dates, and if applicable, dates of service in the country of Afghanistan, as well as proof of current Ohio Residency. Proof of current Ohio residency is the most recent Leave and Earning Statement (LES).
    1. Army: Officer Record Brief (ORB) or Enlisted Record Brief (ERB).
    2. Air Force: Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF), First page only Enlistment Contract (Form 4/1), Page providing Awards and Medals.
    3. Navy: Member Data Summary (or First page of Enlistment Contract 4/1), Enlisted Service Record (ESR).
    4. Marines: Basic Individual Record (BIR) pages 1-3; page providing Awards and Medals.
  2. Veteran – DD-214 that includes blocks 23-30 and includes dates of service relevant to this application; if applicable, proof of service in Afghanistan, and proof of current Ohio Residency.
    1. Proof of residency in Ohio at time of entry in the U.S. armed forces (can be located in block 7b of your DD-214).
  3. Retired due to Injury or Disability – DD-214 (blocks 23-30) and Physical Evaluation Board decision or VA rating showing combat-related injury.
  4. Family Member – please provide a copy of Casualty Report (DD1300) if death occurred while on active military duty; a death certificate if veteran died after discharge and a DD-214 (that includes blocks 23-30) for veteran; and one of the following documents which apply to you:
    1. Spouse: marriage certificate to veteran.
    2. Child: child(ren) birth certificate or adoption records identifying veteran as parent, and if applicable death certificate of deceased parent.
    3. Parent: veteran's birth certificate or adoption records, and if applicable death certificate of deceased parent.
  5. Guardian – if Veteran is living but has been determined incompetent, please provide legal guardianship documents; if veteran is deceased and death occurred while on active duty provide a copy of Casualty Report (DD1300); provide a death certificate if veteran died after discharge and a DD-214 (that includes blocks 23-30) for veteran.

Your application will not be processed until the application is signed by the applicant, witnessed and signed by a Notary Public, or witnessed and signed by a Clerk of Courts; Military records are provided as relates to your status (Active Service, Veteran, etc.) as indicated above, and proof of current residency are mailed to the Ohio Veterans Bonus Program.

Please send your completed application and all required documents to:
Ohio Department of Veterans Services
Veterans Bonus Program
Post Office Box 373
Sandusky, OH 44871

For additional information on the program, please refer to our website at: www.veteransbonus.ohio.gov
or call (877) OHIO VET ((877) 644-6838).