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Other Support for Women Vets

Other Support for Women Veterans

Ohio Women Veteran Program Managers

Bonnie Owen, PA

  • Chillicothe VA
  • (740) 773-1141 x 6062

Shirley May

  • Cincinnati VA
  • (513) 475-6890

Kristina Angel, RN

  • Cleveland VA
  • (216) 791-3800 x 3724

Stephanie Blades

  • Columbus VA
  • (614) 257-5562

Maritha Trass, PA

  • Dayton VA
  • (937) 268-6511 x 1907

Women Veteran Organizations

Air Force Women Officers Associated

All Navy Women's National Alliance

American Women Veterans

Army Nurse Corps Assn.

Army Women's Museum

Greater Cincinnati Women's American Legion Post 644

National Women Veterans United

Navy Nurse Corps Assn.

Retired Army Medical Specialist Corps Assn.

Women Military Aviators, Inc.

Women's Overseas Service League


Report: The Past, Present & Future of Women Veterans

National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics,
Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC. February 2017

Women Veterans Report
In the year 2015, women comprised 9.4% of the total veteran population in the United States. By 2043, women are projected to make up 16.3% of all living veterans. This report summarizes the history of women in the military and as veterans, profiles the characteristics of women veterans in 2015, illustrates how women veterans in 2015 used some of the major benefits and services that are offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and discusses the future of women veterans in relation to VA. The goal of this report is to communicate an understanding of who our women veterans are, how their military service affects their post-military lives and how they can be better served based on these insights.

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