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Women in the Hall of Fame

In 2021, three women entered the Hall of Fame

Wanda J. Dillard
Wanda J. Dillard
U.S. Army & OHARNG
Franklin County

Linda Strite Murnane
Linda Strite Murnane
U.S. Air Force
Greene County

Jo N. Wildman
Jo N. Wildman
U.S. Navy & Coast Guard
Greene County

The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame was created in 1992 to recognize the post-military achievements of Ohio’s outstanding veterans. Since its inception, 895 Ohio veterans have been inducted into the Hall of Fame representing all eras, branches and walks of life.

Charter members of the Class of 1993 included the six Ohio military veterans who were elected President of the United States and all Medal of Honor recipients from Ohio. Honorees include astronauts, volunteers, community leaders, safety officers, veteran advocates and former government officials.

In total, 74 women are in the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame.

Honoree, Branch of Service, Class

Lynn Ashley, USN, 1999
Cassie Barlow, USAF, 2018
Jennifer Baun, USN, 2015
Anna Beall, USA, 2013
Lynn Black, USA, 1994
Betty Brown, USA, 1999
Dorothy Budacki, USN, 2005
Blanche Aviles Casey, USAF, 2017
Dorothy Cornelius, USN, 1997
Margaret Delillo-Storey, USA, 2011
Wanda J. Dillard, USA/OHARNG, 2021
Alene Duerk, USN, 1999
Laura Williams Dunlop, USA, 2003
Charity Earley, USA, 1993
Rebecca Eden, USA, 2008
Sallie Farmer, USA, 1994
Florence Fawley, USMC, 2001
Phyllis Fitzgerald, USAF, 2009
Nada Fleming, USN, 2008
Esther Frazier, USN, 1996
Kimberly Frisco, USAF, 2020
Ruby Gilliam, USN, 2014
Mary Glover, USA, 2011
Anna Gray, USN, 1997
Susan Green, USA, 2016
Mary Gruber, USMC, 2014
Brook Harless, USA, 2017
Mary Hanna, USAF, 2019
Sara Harper, USMC, 1993
Linda Hart, USN, 2011
Kathleen Hayes, USA, 2012
Elaine Tisdel Herrick, USAF, 2014
Edith Doctor Jobe, USA, 2003
Kelly Knox, USA, USAF, 2016
Holly Koester, USA, 2017
Margaret Kruckemeyer, USA, 2008
Barbara Krzewinski, USN, 2003
Sharon Lane, USA, 1995
Ellen Leidy, USMC, 2007
Jane Lengel, Army/OHARNG, 2020
Frona Liston, USN, 2017
Audrey Mackiewicz, USCG, 1995
M. Jean Madden, USA, 1999
Opal McAlister, USA, 2007
Helen McClelland, USA, 1995
Martha McCrary, USA, 1996
Mary McHugh, USN, 2012
Janice M.-Courtney, USA, 2015
Linda Strite Murnane, USAF, 2021
Carolyn Nagy, USA, 2020
Lois Nelson, USA, 1995
Nora Noble, USAF, 1996
Connie Pillich, USAF, 2020
Katherine Platoni, USA, 2019
Elva Pounders, USMC, 2008
Doris Powell, USA, 2009
Mary R. Powell, USA, 2009
Dana Robinson-Street, USN, 2018
Bonnie Rost, USN, 2000
Barbara Rounds, USA, 2000
Lauretta Schimmoler, USA, 1993
Linda Schwartz, USAF, 2004
Nancy Sherlock, USAF, 1994
Sharon Stanley, USA, 2013
Bobbie Sterne, USA, 1997
J. Lori Stone, USAF, 2019
Mary Stout, USA, 1994
Kathryn Sullivan, USN, 2001
Josephine Trotter, USN, 2006
Betty Stagg Turner, USAF, 2005
Debborah Wallace, USA, 2016
Jo N. Wildman, USN/USCG, 2021
Sunita Williams, USN, 2001
Freda Winning, USMC, 1995


The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Executive Committee reviews nominations and selects up to 20 finalists who are inducted into the Hall of Fame during a November ceremony. In May, an Enshrinement Ceremony is held and the bronze plaque listing current class members is permanently installed in the second-floor lobby of the Riffe Center for Government & the Arts, 77 S. High Street, Columbus, Ohio.

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