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Liaison Office

Celebrezze Building in Cleveland, Ohio

Welcome. Our Liaison Team in the Cleveland VA Regional Office advocates for Ohio veterans and their families. It provides resources and assistance to county veterans service officers and partners to empower them to render the best service and support to those who have served.

CVSO Guidance

VA Guidance

04.23.15 - VA Standard Forms Handout

04.23.15 - VA Standard Forms List

04.23.15 - Veterans Fact Sheet - Intent to File

10.15.14 - Veterans Choice Program Wait Times

10.08.13 - Claims Appeals Forms Regulation Update Q&A

10.08.13 - Standard Claims and Appeals Forms Update

Other Guidance

11.21.14 - AMVETS ODVS Policy

09.18.13 - VA PIV Card Signed Memorandum

04.08.13 - VA Fully-Developed Claims Letter to CVSOs

Information Technology

CAG Printing

Registering for CAG Printing

Obtaining VA Systems Access

Connecting to CAG

CVSO VA Systems Access and PIV Card SOP (Nov. 2018)

Identity Documentation Criteria

Instructions to Install Citrix

Request for Fingerprints


TMS Instructions for CVSOs

VA Access Assistance

VA Computer Systems Codes

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Cards

Acceptable Forms of Identification

Concerning PIV Card Readers

Ohio PIV Card Issuance Facilities

PIV Software (ActivClient) Installation Guide

Request for PIV Card Form (VA Form 0711 CVSO)

VA Form 0711 Instruction CVSO

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Configuring Outlook 2010 Email with PIV

PKI Access Policy Letter

PKI Subscriber Request Form and Agreement

Stakeholder Enterprise Portal (SEP)

SEP Connect (Fall 2014)

SEP Top FAQs (September 2014)

SEP R9 Release Notes (July 2015)

SEP Troubleshooting

SEP User Guide (July 2015)

Claims Resources

Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ)

DBQ Fact Sheet

Fast Letters

07.07.14 - Automating and Simplifying Burial Benefit Payments (FL14-06)

05.23.14 - Transition to Electronic Service Treatment Records (FL14-04)

05.12.14 - Eligibility of Disabled Vets & Service Members with Severe Burn Injuries Auto Allowance (FL14-03)

10.01.13 - Plot and Burial Allowances (FL13-24)

08.02.13 - Processing Fully-Developed Claims Received Aug. 6, 2013 through Aug. 5, 2015 (FL13-17)

08.08.12 - Over Age 65 Vets (FL12-20)

06.27.12 - Clothing Allowances (FL12-17)

09.08.11 - Exams for Incarcerated Veterans (FL11-22)

03.15.11 - Procedures for Rating Infectious Diseases Presumed Related to Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan (FL11-09)

12.16.10 - Disability Benefits Questionnaire (FL10-53)

Fully-Developed Claims (FDC)

Fully-Developed Claims Help Sheet

Transformation Process - Lane Assignment Criteria

VBA Letters

09.23.14 - Camp Lejeune Veterans and Family Payment or Reimbursement for Certain Medical Expenses

06.23.14 - New Fugitive Felon Policy & Procedures (VBAL 20-14-09)

06.20.14 - Administration of Same-Sex Benefits (VBAL 20-14-08)

Other Resources

2015 MARP Chart


Choice Act QA

Correcting Military Records and Discharge Review - Service Review Boards

CVSO Handbook

Diagnostic Codes

End Product Codes

Navy Ratings, Pre-1970

Navy Ratings, 1970-Present

Navy Unofficial Certificates

Power of Attorney Codes

Service Dog Program Brochures

Standard Claims and Appeals Form Rule

Useful VA Websites

VA Form 21-0966 Intent to File

VA Math - Combined Ratings Table

VA Regional Office Station Numbers

Veterans Health Information Exchange

Vietnam Ship List

VA Forms

Look up VA Forms at www.va.gov/vaforms

Attendant Affidavit

Fully-Developed Compensation Checklist

List of DBQs Accepted by the VA

Request for Ohio Public Records

VA Form 21-0966

VA Regional Office Information

End of Month Submission Procedures

Service Organizations

VA Claim/Appeal Process

VA Form 21-22 POA Requirements

VA Organizational Realignment

VA Realignment FAQ, July 2015

VA Regional Office - Cleveland Locations Map

Virtual VA Fax Deployment Announcement